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Our collection of articles and research where you can learn about projects we’ve worked on,  explore some of the sagas of establishing a coral restoration company in Panama, and the journey of our mission.

What Happened to the Coral Reefs?

What Happened to the Coral Reefs?

Our Perspectives   The ocean is a big place. Untold billions and billions of gallons of water covering almost three-fourths of our planet. Within this global-wide flowing, surging miracle is an integral part of the existence and support of all life. Ocean reefs,...

What is a Coral Nursery?

What is a Coral Nursery?

Our Perspectives   We are often asked to define the concept of “Coral Nursery”. Describing the operation of a Coral Nursery is like describing how to make a cake. The end results can be as arbitrary as the recipes and procedures used to get there. The variables...

A Time for Change

A Time for Change

Our Perspectives   I love the sea. I’m a fisherman and a diver. Anytime I get the opportunity to be somewhere that I am in or on the water, I’m good. I’m happy!  About 12 years ago some friends invited me to visit them in Panama. I was living in Colorado at the...

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