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At the heart of our organization is a profound love and appreciation for the amazing world under the surface of the sea. 

In witnessing the systemic imbalance where we live, our love for the sea became an organization intent on taking action.

We’re a team of indispensable volunteers, generous experts, astounding apprentices, a motivated board of directors and administration support system that continues to keep pressing our organization ever forward. 


Doug traveled from the Sandhills of Nebraska through the mountains of Colorado to explore the Caribbean in the early 2000’s. For the last 16 years, he has called the islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama his home. As a naturalist and environmentalist, when he saw what was happening to the coral reefs around him, he combined his passion with his civil and mechanical engineering experience, founded Caribbean Coral Restoration Center and became an Active marine ecosystem reconstructionist.


Emillio was born and raised in Panama not far from Bocas del Toro. He is the backbone of our operation – handling all kinds of projects from master captain of MUSA to building and fixing whatever it is that we need. He is an invaluable part of our team.


Randy’s love and knowledge of environmental conservation, marine life and wildlife, along with her ability to organize and delegate, made her a perfect fit for the coral restoration team. She has worked for over thirty years in the animal science fields as a veterinarian technician and wildlife biologist. She is also an avid swimmer and scuba diver which allows her to effectively use her skills and knowledge in every aspect of the daily operations of CCRC.


Dale’s passion for the arts and love of nature is the perfect combination for his role at CCRC. He is involved with daily operations, always carrying a camera when snorkeling or diving to document the mission of CCRC.


Born and raised in Panama, Julian came to work for CCRC in 2018.  He is skilled at carpentry and artificial reef construction. Always ready to learn new techniques, he is a valuable member of the CCRC team. 


Yana has a BES/MES (Environmental Studies) and began working with CCRC in 2017. She currently assists with research and has a passion for tropical conservation.

Odildo Eugenio, Team Member

Xenia Chuito, Team Member

Eupidio Salina, Team Member

Filisteo Salina Jose- - Diver, Artisan,Team Member

Fae Mellichamp

Fae is a PADI Assistant Scuba Diving Instructor.  She has been an avid diver for over 11 years, traveling the world and assisting with scuba courses.

Shania Schull, Research and Education Consultant

B.S. Marine Biology– Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego

M.S. Ecology and Evolution– Florida State University

Shania is a coral reef ecologist who is equally passionate about reef restoration and science education. For several years, she has made Bocas del Toro and other Caribbean sites the focus of her graduate research. She began collaborating with CCRC in the summer of 2023 during her time as a visiting researcher with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Station.

Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor (Scuba), a technical decompression SCUBA diver, as well as a PADI Freediving Instructor, having certified over 350 students. Mike has been diving for more than 11 years and has dived in locations all around the world.

Our Volunteers

We are delighted to be supported by volunteers of all types – construction help, divers, tending the coral, building a structure, asking for donations… what we do isn’t possible without our volunteers. Our gratitude is immeasurable.

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