About Us


Mission, Vision & Values

We are cultivators and guardians of sustainable ocean ecosystems.

 The earth continues to change, and we are able to see these changes very tangibly in Bocas Del Toro.

The ecosystem imbalance continue to skew out of alignment  as a result of climate change, infrastructure struggles, governmental shifts in legislation; how we fulfill our mission must evolve alongside these shifting changes, but our mission remains the same.

Our Vision

We aspire to a legacy of recovering coral reefs & fish habitats around the Caribbean, where our projects have brought sustained economic empowerment and improved health to local Ngäbe communities. We work to diligently engage local NGOs & Panamanian government support for tested solutions and conservation opportunities that may scale to the rest of the world.

Our Priorities

Healthy Habitats

The first step to a strong and healthy reef is a diverse and thriving fish habitat. We build and install artificial reefs, and seed them with coral clones to rebuild.

Economic Empowerment

We insist that our organization is part of creating significant economic opportunities and improvements for native communities in Bocas.

Indigenous Health 

Many of the ecosystem imbalances in Bocas Archipelago impact the indigenous villages and communities hardest, having lost many local fish habitats.

Local Support

Closing the communication gap between various departments, to gain support for our organization independent of political party or climate.

Global Solutions

Our transparency keeps us faithful to our mission and impact, while making wide the path of greater impact around the globe.

Values We Hold Dear

At the heart of our organization is a profound love and appreciation for the amazing world under the surface of the sea. 

We believe that if you care about something, you do your part to protect it – even if small actions is all you can do.

We insist on doing our part to make the world a better place for all. We demonstrate progress as a tide that raises all boats, not just our own.

We operate in transparency to ensure our successes become global.

We respect all and have a humble willingness to learn. 

We value an action-oriented attitude of ‘git-er-done’

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