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The ecosystem in Bocas Archipelago is seriously out of balance.

Overfished, effluents dumped into the water, climate change, reef collapse, resource exploitation, an undernourished and economically disempowered villages, inconsistent infrastructure development, and disparate government control & oversight; the Bocas Archipelago in Panama has a series of interconnected and serious problems that are contributing to an ecosystem in dire need of thoughtful attention and action.

Community Impact Events

Future Generations

Collaboration with other local and national organizations to educate and grow support of the local and global community.

Looking ahead, we have very ambitious impact goals for our organization.

We aspire to build a protected marine park & education center, with 100+ artificial reef installations, a visitor education and conservation center, built in collaboration with underwater sculpture artists and in partnership with local conservation organizations.

Creating a protected destination, appealing to tourists, researchers and conservationists alike, advancing Bocas Del Toro as a destination, and helping Panama lead the world in resource conservation and protection.

Our Progress & Projects

Our Priorities

Healthy Habitats

The first step to a strong and healthy reef is a diverse and thriving fish habitat. We build and install artificial reefs, and seed them with coral clones to rebuild.

Economic Empowerment

We insist that our organization is part of creating significant economic opportunities and improvements for native communities in Bocas.

Indigenous Health 

Many of the ecosystem imbalances in Bocas Archipelago impact the indigenous villages and communities hardest, having lost many local fish habitats.

Local Support

Closing the communication gap between various departments, to gain support for our organization independent of political party or climate.

Global Solutions

Our transparency keeps us faithful to our mission and impact, while making wide the path of greater impact around the globe.

Reef Installations & Fish Habitat

The Restoration

Our efforts include in sea and on-land coral nursery spaces, artificial reef installations and site assessments.

Apprentice Program


Educating, apprenticing and matriculating future suppliers of artificial reef structures. 

Political Capital Campaign


On-boarding and on-going communication to build strong relationships and collaborate on future projects.

Knowledge Sharing

Expansive Growth

We are releasing information products available to inspired coral savers around the globe, and “learn what we know” consulting opportunities with other organizations.

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