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Local & National Support

Support from Local & Panamanian Government Organizations

The officers of government, priorities of enforcement, and political landscape in Panama often resembles shifting sand. And yet, without support from the local and Panamanian Government authorities, we cannot accomplish our mission. Our response to this has been to develop communication and onboarding that ensures Caribbean Coral Restoration has support, no matter who is in office.

Onboarding Program

In response to the influence of political orgs on our work, our methodology is that of thoughtful on-boarding, over communication, and inclusive reporting.

It is our hypothesis that this will help close the gap between lack of communication between various departments, gain support for our organization independent of political party or climate, and reduce our need for redundant efforts to keep Caribbean Coral Restoration in operation.

Our Programs


Documentation and education about Caribbean Coral Restoration, our vision and efforts, and on-going communicative reporting to a series of specific officials, offices and entities of our actions.

Holistic Project Design

We are ensuring that the big projects in our future rely on the collaboration and support of local environmental protections agencies alongside the NGO’s here in Bocas to ensure their success is sustainable.

Meet & Greet

Our open door policy has had profound impacts on our successes here in Bocas. Anytime we’ve brought officals and organizations to our nursery site, the results speak for themselves, and support is easier to attain. 

The Politics of Conservation

Creating a joint effort to effectively restore and maintain the diverse ecosystems of this archipelago.

As we move into our second year of active coral restoration and nursery operations, we have become increasingly aware of how important it is to have the support of local and Federal governments.  We are very fortunate here in Panama that there is an awareness and active participation by government agencies concerned with environmental issues.

We have been striving to be in touch with and comply with regulatory agencies that deal specifically with marine eco-systems.  As we move forward in our quest to restore the fisheries and the marine environments, including the reef-building corals of the Bocas Del Toro archipelago, we have found that there are many people within the government who are extremely interested and motivated to help perpetuate our programs.

In order to help regulatory agencies understand our greater purpose and assist us in maintaining a course designed to effectively meet the needs of the Panamanian people, we are sending out regular reports about our progress and our intentions.  We are also inviting visitation and participation whenever possible and appropriate.  Our hope is to create a joint effort that will effectively restore and maintain the diverse and unique ecosystems of this archipelago.

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