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Global Scale Solutions

Solutions that scale to the rest of the world

The need for our type of organization is needed around the globe. The problems present in Bocas are seen globally. Our commitment includes sharing what we learn, collaboration over competition, and ensuring our conversations include the voices of those who aren’t usually sitting at table when decisions are made.

Shared Learning

We are an organization insistent on sharing our success and failures publicly; our transparency keeps us faithful to our mission and impact, while helping smooth and widen the path for greater impact around the globe.

Whether it is partnering with local organizations to sharing insights with global companies – we share what we know. 

Our Programs

Health Reports

Tracking what we know, observe and experience around the archipelago so that we can share what we know with other organizations and document our process. These progress reports serve as foundation information for local research organizations, and fuel to grow further efforts to protect the wealth of resources.


With a mission as big as ours, it doesn’t behoove Caribbean Coral Restoration to keep what we know to ourselves. We work with likeminded organizations locally and internationally to spread what successes and failures have gotten us to where we are.

Conscious Partnerships

The truth is, we can’t do what we do without the support of partnerships that support our mission and ensure we continue our efforts. We actively consider partnerships that can mutually benefit the respective organizations, and the planet as a whole. 

Plenty to Go Around

Ensure that our work doesn’t begin and end in Bocas; transparent, authentic sharing our learnings and projects to grow coral restoration around the globe.

Reef collapse, pollution, the effects of climate change – the state of things is not special to Bocas, or Panama alone. It doesn’t behoove us, or any organization intent on making the world a better place, to keep what we know to ourselves. The ocean we love so dearly touches all shores, and we want our successes to be a tide that raises all boats.

We are just now growing into our own, turning what we know into opportunities for other organizations to succeed. We’ve chosen as an organization to be as transparent as we can about our progress, what we know, and where opportunities exist.

We don’t want to be the only ones trying to rebuild and protect fish habitat, and if we had our choice, we’d like our efforts to be so successful our organization puts itself out of business. If you, or the organization that you represent want to collaborate on opportunities to further the Caribbean Coral Restoration mission, get in touch. We are interested.

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