What We Do


Flourishing Coral Sites & Fish Habitat

A series of healthy, flourishing coral installation sites

Our land-water coral nursery on Isla Solarte allows for us to gather, clone and grow genetically resilient corals that we use to seed our coral reef installations for even faster growth and recovery. One of the key actions Caribbean Coral Restoration takes on a regular basis involves the construction, preparation and installation of artificial reef structures that help rebuild fish habitats.

Fish Habitat & Reef Building

Caribbean Coral Restoration is unique in our restoration efforts in that we also create our own artificial reef structures; with other coral conservation organizations simply planting the coral directly into the existing environment.

Our Programs

Artificial Reef Construction

We quickly learned that reef and coral growth is much harder when there isn’t a locally established fish habitat. So we build and install environmentally friendly artificial reef structures to establish this imporant first step. 

Coral Nursery

Shallow water nursery sites, a forest of coral trees, and on-land tank systems, our coral nursery is an important part of our conservation and rebuilding efforts.

Education & Community Impact

Creating community opportunities to build lifelong and career conservationists – from Nursery staff, tour guides, to the Caribbean Coral Restoration education center employees. 

The Coral Garden

Expanding our knowledge and skills to assist in an accelerated evolution designed to ensure the preservation of entire species.

The ocean is a big place.  The biodiversity of the established ecosystem is staggering.  Its overall beauty is unmatched.  It took eons for organisms to evolve to support the balance of this diverse environment.  It has taken only a few decades for it to collapse almost beyond recognition.

For most of us, the beauty of the sea is hidden.  We can identify with ancient forests, majestic mountains and endless fields of rolling grasslands.  But the world beneath the wave is estranged and its preeminence often overlooked.

For those of us who have immersed ourselves into this this fascinating realm and are fortunate enough to have been touched by its magic, we can no more turn our backs to it than we could ignore a lost cat and or a starving fawn.

Our nursery in the sea is where we strive to heal a wound that cannot be ignored. The tiny animals we call corals have no place left to turn.  We give them hope.  We’re reaching out with our knowledge and skills to assist in an accelerated evolution designed to ensure the preservation of entire species.  It is a global effort and it is working. To be a part of something so dramatically rewarding is the driving force that unites us and sustains us through the inevitable challenges of coral restoration and preservation. 

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