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Volunteer Opportunties

We’re ready for all the help we can get.

Whether you are local in Bocas or not, we have needs that volunteers with expertise in various fields can help us with. Check out what we have below, and if you don’t see something, but know you can be of help – reach out. We want to hear from you. 

Do you own a Bocas tourism business?

Join our Local Advocates Program


Whether you want to include visits to Caribbean Coral Restoration in your guest recommendations, to introducing mutually beneficial relationships – we are building an advocate program for our local partners, and we’d love to have you involved. Sign up to be on our list when we announce the CCR Advocate program. 

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Social Good Influencer

You’re serious about making the world a better place and it shows in how you document your travels and experiences. You would bring your expertise to Bocas, and help craft some thoughtful content on how volunteers, philanthropists, and travelers can help coral restoration by supporting Caribbean Coral Restoration, and our program initiatives. We are especially interested in diverse voices and perspectives. We would do our best to make sure your immediate needs are taken care of during your visit in exchange for your talents.

To apply: Send us an email with your social media handles and examples of your social good influencing work. We can chat about what would be involved to see if we’re a good fit.

Opportunities for Bocas Locals

When You’re in Bocas

Nursery Assistant

We are looking for an enthusiastic extra pair of hands that can be on deck when there is a need at the nursery. This may include installing structures, cleaning coral trees, conducting site assessments, documenting progress, and working with our Marine Biologist. Ideally, you have diving and dive safety experience, and are available 4-6x per month to be on site and help out as projects demand. You’re not scared to do some heavy lifting, and if you’re bilingual even better! Occasionally, you may be our on-site support when other staff members are not available.

To apply: Come to one of our volunteer days and while you’re there, let us know that you’re interested. There will be 2-3 on-boarding sessions to make sure we’re all a good fit, then you will be off to the races! If you have attended a volunteer day already, reach out to and let us know you’re ready to take it to the next level!

Event & Nursery Photographer

You’re a talented photographer who has what it takes to get good shots while you’re in the water, and you want to help us get the attention and coverage that we need. With quality captures of our work, we can get apply for funding, up our brand presence and better document our mission in action. You can come on ad-hoc basis during a volunteer day, or during a special presentation to officials, during an installation or site health report day, or during a community education event to capture candid and informative images that are then delivered to our marketing staff. If you want to come on a sunny day when the water is clear just to capture the work we’ve got underwater, that would be fantastic.

To apply: Come to one of our volunteer days and while you’re there, let us know that you’re interested. (Feel free to bring your camera!) If you are as excited about helping us as we are to have you, send us a message and we’ll get you in the communication loop to join us at our next important events. 

Opportunities for Global Citizens

Anywhere in the World

Grant Writing & Application

Finding money to fund our projects is a non-negotiable priority for our organization. We are looking to work with experienced writers and researchers who can help us navigate this process and bring the organization funding. For smaller, simple grant applications and inquiry letters, this would be a donation of your time. If you are rocking MAJOR grant writing experience and want to help us land some big money, we can talk about fair compensation for your help in successfully winning grants. 

To apply: Send us an email along with some samples of your work, any relevant results or outcomes from the applications, and the level of availability you have. 

Social Media Assistance

We’ve got a marketing vision and strategy, but it’s collectively more than we can accomplish on our skeleton team. If you want to spend 3-4 hours every two weeks helping us schedule social media posts, craft content and share our latest campaigns, we can use your assistance. Time obligations include 2x monthly video chats to review work and plan content. 

To apply: Send us an email along with some samples of your work (we’d like to see examples of your writing and graphic design work along with cohesive campaigns if you have them) and what sort of availability you have. 


Creating content is the name of the game, but everyone on our team is so busy DOING there’s not much time for documenting. Your role would be to craft blog posts, and the associated email newsletters needed to share our progress with the world. This would likely involve 3-4 hours of your time 2x per month. We would provide content briefs, and the specific contacts you would need to be in touch with (where applicable) to create thoughtful blog articles that appeal to our readers and help us document our progress. 

To apply: Send us an email along with some samples of your work (we’d like to see examples of your writing) and what sort of availability you have. 

Translation Services

We are regularly creating education content that needs to be translated into Spanish so that we can offer our expertise to global audiences. If you are an experienced translator who can translate and localize American English to Panamanian/Latin American Spanish we can definitely use your help. 

To apply: Send us an email along with some samples of your work and what sort of availability you have.

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