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There are several opportunities to help Caribbean Coral Restoration do what we do. Because of our small organization, donations go a long ways to helping us accomplish our goals. Volunteers of all sorts can help us in the nursery, online, and in the world. Organizations and partnerships make it possible for us to get a lot of work done in a much shorter time.

50 structures installed. 2k to go!

Rebuilding the Reefs

Your donations go directly to funding the work of building the Caribbean Coral Restoration nursery, artifical reef structures, paying apprentices and maintaining the growing organization and operations behind CCR. We have big goals for 2020 and every dollar helps!

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Our Priorities

Healthy Habitats

The first step to a strong and healthy reef is a diverse and thriving fish habitat. We build and install artificial reefs, and seed them with coral clones to rebuild.

Economic Empowerment

We insist that our organization is part of creating significant economic opportunities and improvements for native communities in Bocas.

Indigenous Health 

Many of the ecosystem imbalances in Bocas Archipelago impact the indigenous villages and communities hardest, having lost many local fish habitats.

Local Support

Closing the communication gap between various departments, to gain support for our organization independent of political party or climate.

Global Solutions

Our transparency keeps us faithful to our mission and impact, while making wide the path of greater impact around the globe.

Become an Advocate

Relationships & Advocacy

Join our Advocates Program

Join our elite network of advocates who locally or abroad are contributing to Caribbean Coral Restorations success. Local partners, emergency staff, international networking, corporate responsibility, business partners and research relationships… Just like coral, we can’t survive without a diverse set of supportive neighbors. 

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Progress Reports

Be the first to know how things are going to with Caribbean Coral Restoration. We share our updates and special reports with our email audience first. 

Come for a Visit

Visit the Caribbean Coral Restoration nursery, learn about our history, and see the reef structures and coral trees up close and personal! We suggest booking a tour with one of our local partners, or requesting a “Founders Visit” for organizations. Tours are limited to the nursery schedule and staff availability. Volunteers who want to do more than “see the show” can join us on our volunteer days to help tend the nursery and build structures.

Local, remote, divers, researchers…

Volunteer Opportunities

Regardless of your skill set, we probably have opportunities for you to help us further our mission. For local residents, we have a lot of on-site needs. But we also have opportunities for people who don’t live in Bocas to contribute their expertise. Check out our current list of needs.

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