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We’re In This Together…

We’re In This Together…

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Perspectives

From Our Founder, Doug Marcy, on the COVID-19 Pandemic

From where I stand, you cannot ignore the seriousness of the situation. The world we once knew has changed on many different levels. As always, when challenges arise, we can make a choice to think of it as a disaster or as yet another adventure on the pathway of life.

The interesting thing about this event is that it is world-wide. No-one is exempt. No one will remain untouched in some way. How we universally react as a species will ultimately determine the outcome. It is not the time for half-truths, sensationalism, self-centered opportunism, political posturing or finger-pointing. Yet we are constantly bombarded by news that speaks only of these diversions. We are expected to believe that common sense has perished from the face of the earth. Lemmings have become the role model for society……

However, in the voices I hear and the faces I see, I experience a true feeling of compassion, resilience and underling faith in the “Greater Good.” Truly, we are all surrounded by beauty and abundance if we choose to open our eyes and see the truth.

Here at Caribbean Coral Restoration, the entire team is living in the truth we find surrounding us. We believe we have a responsibility to each other, the communities that we are a part of and the world in which we live. We continue to use our available resources to further our mission of helping create a sustainable marine environment in every way we can.

We have made adaptations and will continue to do so, but we are determined to maintain focus even as we do whatever we can to acknowledge the current situation and be proactive in our efforts to help keep the community safe.

I believe we have all been given an opportunity to learn if we pay attention. I was given an illustration of this by a good friend recently….” Consider the lowly caterpillar, born into a world where it has a very small perspective and consumes everything around it, often destroying the very things that are its hope of survival. Only after it is obliged to stop, reflect and retreat into a state of personal metamorphosis can it emerge into a world where it has unlimited access and serves to enhance the beauty of its environment by its very presence while at the same time receiving nourishment from the sweet nectars of life.”

Perhaps this is our time to slow down and rethink how we might better serve each other and the environment of our world in the future.

Caribbean Coral Restoration is about Life. It is about Love. Ultimately, we are here for you. Everyone here wishes happiness and health to all. Be Happy! Stay Safe!

Choose Life, choose Love! Its how we all started. It is how we should all end.

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