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Funding Campaign: Artificial Reef Structures

Funding Campaign: Artificial Reef Structures

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Taking Action

The artificial reef division of Caribbean Coral Restoration is fundamentally the single thing that makes it possible for us to achieve all of our stated goals in the Bocas del Toro recovery program.

Not only are these structures the foundation substrate for coral outplants but they are the immediate solution to restore sustainable habitat for the fisheries that are so necessary to the economy and subsistence of local populations. In addition, our long-term strategy is to encourage a local artificial reef manufacturing industry owned and managed by local Panamanians who employ community residents as a worker force.

Our immediate need is to be able to purchase supplies, hire labor, train management and create a market base for the manufactured artificial reef product line. Given the resources to enhance our already established base program to the point where we can clearly demonstrate the effects of scaled artificial reef development in these waters is a positive approach to quickly addressing some of the pressing needs of the community. If for some unforeseen reason, the concept of a long-term sustainable manufacturing industry fails to materialize, the initial effort expended will leave in its wake, a vastly restored fishery, a lasting environment for coral propagation both sexual and asexual, and have employed and trained a portion of the local populace with knowledge and skill-sets which will continue to have a lasting impact on their welfare.

A complete and detailed cost and time projection is available for interested parties.

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