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A Light in the Water

A Light in the Water

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Perspectives

It has been almost three years since Coral Restoration Panama was founded and began working to help restore the reefs and fisheries systems in the waters of Bocas del Toro, Panama. During that time, we have seen many changes, some good and some very distressing. Although we have seen entire reef systems decimated we have been encouraged by a growing public and private awareness of the perils facing the community if the marine ecosystems continue to decline unaided. 

To demonstrate that it is possible to make a difference by simply changing the way things are done, we created a “proof-of-concept” area which has gone from an underwater dumpsite to a habitat where sponges, coral and tropical fish are reestablishing a balanced environment. 

It has been an interesting journey. Over the next few weeks I want to give you some insights into why the worlds reefs are in trouble, why it is important that we as inhabitants of this planet should care, what we can do as individuals and as groups to help make significant changes and what must happen to make those changes sustainable. 

We also want to open a window into what we have done and how we arrived here. It is an evolving project. Our motivations are a common love and respect for all life and the world we live in. We have learned to be flexible and adaptable as we move forward with the help of our mentors, advisors and patrons. Hopefully by telling our story, we can share some insight into coral restoration and so inspire others to help in whatever way they can.

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