Racing Against Climate Change


Urgent Action to Save Local Species

We’re racing against the ravages of high water temperatures
to collect as many species and genetic variations of coral colonies
in the archipelago, before they disappear entirely.

Love for the sea begins here.

Our mission requires that we address the concept of coral reef recovery through a holistic lens. Ocean ecosystems include the management and protection of resources, the quality of life for the plant, animal and human species that live within that ecosystem. This means that our organization is more than just “putting coral structures” in the water.

Caribbean Coral Restoration Priorities

Our Top Priorities

Much of the ecosystem in which we reside continues to evolve — as a culture, as a result of climate change, infrastructure, governmental shifts in legislation — and so does how we implement our mission. The science of the sea doesn’t end with our impact strategy, and we view our projects as on-going experiments, so that the impact of our vision continues to make a difference, with results that help us continue to evolve our organization and it’s impact in the world.

Despite the passage of time and shifting ecosystems, our vision remains the same, with five important areas of impact by which we judge the effectiveness of our efforts.

How we accomplish that vision continues to evolve as we do.

Healthy Reefs

A series of healthy, flourishing coral installation sites.

Economic Empowerment

Economic opportunities for local & indigenous communities in Bocas.

Community Health

Marked health improvement of indigenous communities

Local Support

Support from our community, local & Panamanian Government Organizations

Global Solutions

Sharing our learning & solutions that can scale to the rest of the world.

How Does It Work?

Look Behind the Scenes

Saving the coral is more than just planting hunks of coral on the ocean floor and hoping for the best. Explore the process of reef restoration and coral species propagation. 

Everything about our mission and our people begins with a profound love for the sea.

How we champion the cause; the rallying cry for our mission, for our programs, our dream to bring health and balance to the Bocas Del Toro ecosystem.

It explains our activism, our unmitigated desire to explore, protect and shepherd the sea. It is the siren song we sing to call our friends, talented team members, most impassioned supporters and advocates to our mission.

Selfie-taking mermaids, turtle conservationists, tourists and beach goers, researchers, artists, philanthropists, fishermen, boat captains, and anyone who’s ever felt their heart leap at the sight of the deep blue…

Love for the sea begins here.

Happening Now

We’re In This Together…

We’re In This Together…

Our Perspectives  From Our Founder, Doug Marcy, on the COVID-19 Pandemic From where I stand, you cannot ignore the seriousness of the situation. The world we once knew has changed on many different levels. As always, when challenges arise, we can make a choice to...



Perspectives on Coral Restoration

Hope Spot Bocas Del Toro

Hope Spot Bocas Del Toro

Our Perspectives   Our boat approaches the area where we anchored four months ago and found a huge colony of elkhorn coral we had never seen before. The water of the Caribbean today is calm, and the visibility is the best we’ve seen in a while since it’s rainy...

Acropora Coral Rescue

Acropora Coral Rescue

We are on a mission to find as many healthy colonies as we can, recover clones that will thrive and seed future generations of these important corals, and to expand our nursery for the additional space needed to protect them.

Nursery Report: November 2019

Nursery Report: November 2019

Our Perspectives   Coral losses in the nursery lead to SFS joining us to research the causes Cloning, out-plants & construction updates Important visitors to the nursery Proposed site health report Late October, we suffered some serious coral losses in the...


Nuestro sitio web se traducirá al español muy pronto. Mientras tanto, hemos creado una breve descripción general con videos para nuestros lectores españoles. Obtenga una visión general rápida de nuestra organización, cómo funciona la restauración de corales y lo que hemos planeado. 

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Love for the sea begins here.

At the heart of our organization is a profound love and appreciation for the amazing world under the surface of the sea. 

In witnessing the systemic imbalance where we live, our love for the sea became an organization intent on taking action.

We’re a team of indispensable volunteers, generous experts, astounding apprentices, a motivated board of directors and administration support system that continues to keep pressing our organization ever forward. 

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